Photovoltaic Systems


Power Storage is an innovative storage solution, specially optimised for PowerSets  and perfectly aligned with the overall system.

It is based on a cascadable lithium-ion battery and a battery inverter. The PowerStorage technology allows for the battery inverter and the PowerSet’s Turbo-Inverter to communicate directly.

Direct communication without any intermediary devices

While conventional battery storage systems rely on external communication components (e.g. data loggers) for interaction, PowerStorage and PowerSets speak the “same language” without having to involve other intermediary devices.
For the user this results in a simple Plug&play installation, less components within the system, increased operation safety and an optimised overall system coming from a single source, the manufacturer itself.

PowerSet Advantages at a Glance:

  • Perfectly matched with the PowerSets of Solar Frontier 
  • Direct communication without any intermediary devices 
  • Integrated user-friendly online monitoring 
  • Attractive and aesthetic design

Simple installation:

  • Smooth and simple Plug&Play installation 
  • Complete system, ready for installation
  • Less components: minimizing sources of error, providing a maintenance-free installation 
  • Extremely compact structure

Highest quality, long life cycle, tested safety:

  • Manufactured according to Solar Frontier’s high quality and efficiency standards
  • Battery made in Germany
  • Lithium-ion cells produced by a renowned Japanese manufacturer
  • High cycle stability
  • Up to 20 year life cycle
  • State-of-the-art safety-tested technology
  • Integrated multilevel safety concept
  • 10 years system warranty – 7 year current value replacement warranty for the battery

For each roof and each application:

  • For each rooftop surface, each roof orientation and each roof tilt
  • For all electricity consumptions
  • Backup power feature for grid blackouts 


The perfect solution for each electricity consumption

By simply adding a second battery PowerStorage is available with two different storage capacities: 6,3 kWh and 12,6 kWh. Both sizes can be simply and easily combined with each PowerSet.



Annual electricity consumption up toPowerSetPowerStorage
3,000 kWh PowerSet 3.1 (3.06 kWp) PowerStorage 6.3
4,000 kWh PowerSet 4.1 (4.08 kWp) PowerStorage 6.3
5,000 kWh PowerSet 5.1 (5.10 kWp) PowerStorage 6.3
6,000 kWh PowerSet 6.0 (5.95 kWp) PowerStorage 6.3
7,000 kWh PowerSet 7.1 (7.14 kWp) PowerStorage 12.6
8,000 kWh PowerSet 8.2 (8.16 kWp) PowerStorage 12.6
9,000 kWh PowerSet 4.1 + 4.8 (8.84 kWp) PowerStorage 12.6


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