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Produce Energy from wastes

Plasma Gasification Hazardous Waste

Plasma Gasification hazardous waste ITC Ltd

The Management of Hazardous Waste in the World, is a Big Enviromental Problem to solve urgently.

We can enclose in the type of Hazardous waste: Medical Waste, Industrial Waste, Petrochemical Waste, Asbestos Waste, Pharmaceutical Waste, Tires Waste, Sludge processing Tanning Waste, Ashes from Inceneritor and others.

Our Plasma Gasification is able to

  • Completely destroys hazardous waste;
  • Reduces Harmful emission and grenhouse gases when compared to other solutions, like landfills
  • Provide significant economic benefits through power, liquid fuel generation or syngas, which is an essential building clock for many chemical processes.

 Plasma Gasification medical waste  ITC Ltd



Produce Electric Energy or Fuels  By Plasma Gasification Plant  with Hazardous Wastes :



 Medical Waste Plasma Gasification ITC LtdMedical Waste  
 Pharmaceutical Waste  Plasma Gasification ITC Ltd Pharmaceutical Waste  
 Plasma Gasification  Hazardous waste  ITC LtdChemical and Petrochemical Waste  
 Asbestos Waste  Plasma Gasification ITC Ltd Asbestos Waste  
 Ashes from inceneritor ca be processed by plasma gasification ITC LtdAshes from Inceneritor  
 Plasma Gasification Tires waste  ITC LtdTires Waste  
 sludge processing tanning Plasma Gasification ITC LtdSludge Processing Tanning Waste
 Electronics components waste  Plasma Solution ITC Ltd Electronic Components Waste  


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