Waste Plasma Gasification - Molecular Dissociation Technology 

Produce Energy from wastes

Ask us Offer for a Waste Plasma Gasification Plant

 Ask us un Offer

To ask us un offer to install a Plasma Gasification with Molecular Dissociation System you must respect the follows procedures:

1) You must send us a LOI  

You must send us a Letter of Intent with all company details , enclosed copy of passport of legal representative of the company adn details of your request.

If you contact us , we will send you LOI module to complete.

2) You must send us reply to a questionnaire we will give you.

In the questionnaire there are very important informations that will give us the possibility to make un offer for you , to install a Plasma Gasification Plant or Molecular Dissociation such us  such as the place where you want  install the plasma gasification, how many tons a day you need to process, which kind of waste you need to process, how many ton of waste produces the people which lives  in the area where you want install the plasma gasification etc.....

       You will find more others details in the questionnaire.



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