Sterile Hydroponic Greenhouse

The Sterile  Hydroponic Greenhouse is a more advanced technology of Greenhouse.
This Greenhouse provide hermetic sealing towards the external; the internal air conditioning si constantly checked;special machinery performing air treatment to avoid bacterial infection .

Inside the Hydroponic Greenhouse the air is sterile, to ensure the total absence of contaminants from external environment and the absence of pathogens.

In the Sterile Hydroponic Greenhouse the access of staff is permitted only with special clothing that guarantees maximum hygiene and attention to prevent contamination of the products.

This technology is the Top for crop protection; you can have the guarantee of the result, because the product is not subject to attack by insect, parasites or bacteria, that could compromise the quality and the quantity of the crops.

No product  Loss !!

The Sterile Hydroponic Greenhouse is equipped with air conditioning systems and fertigation fully automated; the management must be delegated to professional staff, wich is able to monitoring in real time the internal climate, the fertigation system and verify the quality of crops.



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