Floricolture Hydroponic Greenhouse


Floricolture Hydroponic   Greenhouse ITC Ltd

The  advantages to Grow Flowers inside the Hydroponic Greenhouse are considerable:

> Inside the Floricolture Hydroponic Greenhouse the staff employee works in good conditions on support planes.

> With Hydroponic System to grow Flowers there is No risk of land too exploited that might limit the quality and quantity of production.

> With Hydroponic System to Grow Flower you can save  90% of water , compared that used for fFlowers growing on  the soil.

> Inside the Floricolture Hydroponic Greenhouse, the Flowers are protected from weather adverse conditions.

> Inside the Hydroponic Floricolture Greenhouse the Flowers are protected against parasite attacks.

> Inside the Floricolture Hydroponic Greenhouse is not necessary to  use  antiparasitic products and pesticides.

> Inside the Floricolture Hydroponic Greenhouse we install Led Light Illumination to increase  Flowers production .

>With Hydroponic System and Led Light Illumnionation Flower Production may  increase up to 60%.

> Inside the Floricolture Hydroponic Greenhouse, the Final product is  without defects, more competitive and More welcomed by International Markets.


The Sterile Floricolture Hydroponic Greenhouse designed for growing flowers, is equipped with special technologic plants to keep aseptic indoor air. So you can be sure to produce a final product more competive, according to the rules imposed by importing countries, about the quality and freshness of flowers.

 Floricolture Hydroponic Greenhouse  ITC Ltd

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