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Hydroponic Crops are Cultivations without soil ; they was used in ancient times ; just remember the Babylon Garderns, the flooding of the Nile, the floating gardens of Mexico City; they are all examples of Hydroponic Systems.
Hydroponic Crops  are used again in recent years and they are booming world wide.

The Hydroponic Crops is applied to produce tomatoes, melons, peppers, eggplant, lettuce, strawberries, vines, herbs, medicinal plants, cut flowers, and others...
The plants are grown in a substrate that replaces the soil, as for example rock wool, clay, perlite, coconut fiber etc; they are fed with a mixture of water and nutrients usually with the technique in closed cycle.
Plants grown on soil must continually develop theyr roots in serch of water and nutrientsm and thus employ the most energy for root development, limiting growth higher.

In Hydroponic Crops , water, air and nutrients are given directly to the plants, freeing it from unnecessary energy expensise and thus giving a better balance between roots and trunck, with a faster result in terms of growth and optimal performance.
The tecniche of closed irrigation system menas that water and nutrints not used by the plants are put in the cycle again.
This solution ensures a considerable saving of water, up to 90%, respect that used for traditional crops, where the greater quantity of water is dispersed in the soil.
Hydroponic Crops help to reduce pollution of fertil land and groundwater, arising from use of fertilizer and chemical treatments normally used for crop protection made on the soil.


Technical Details of Structure and Technologic Plants

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The Structure

The Hydroponic Greenhouse has been designed with a Structure resistant to extreme conditions (wind, snow-heavy rains) and integrated systems able to create a internal microclimate suitable to crops, independent of external weather conditions.
The structure is made of steel and laminated glass, equipped with filters to protect crops.
The double glazing installed on aluminiun profiles are an excellent thermal insulation of the building: the result is a significant energy saving due to reduced use of air conditioning systems, which need to maintain a constant temperature inside the greenhouse, to portect the crops.
The steel structure is modular, and can be customized; we can construct greenhouse of any size, shape, height, compatible with thecrops envisaged.

Our realizations arise from cutting edge projects, both as regards the construction system and the technology plants; the Hydroponic Greenhouse is ful integrated with technological systems necessary for crop cycles.

The  Technologic  Plants Installed in the Hydroponic Greenhouse

The Technologic  Plant  are designed to be perfectly integrated with the structure and to favor the growth of crops in the Greenhouse.
The aim is to obtain a high yield od production and a very good crop quality, regardless of the outdoor climatic conditions .
The indoor climate, handled with the installation suited to crops, manages the concentration of carbon dioxide CO2, oxygen, temperature, humidity, and
brightness; all elements that are interrelated and that must be present in balanced quantities to hae a good performances of crops .
The Hydroponic Greenhouse in equipped with automated systems that can be controlled and managed with remote controller .
Our proposed plants can be customized and adapted to any type of crops, thanks to the use of the latest technological innovations.

The technological plants supplied with the Hydroponic  Greenhouse are:

  • Heatin system from air, water or electric wire system;
  • Fertigation application systems;
  • Cooling systems;
  • Shading and screens to protect crops;
  • LED Lighting to support and speed up the growth of crops;
  • Automation system to ceck indoor temperature, humidity, fertigation brightness;
  • Computerized systems for automatic and remote control of all installation;
  • Photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, geotermic solutions to produce all electric energy necessary for the management of technologic plants and cycle crops.

The Hydroponic Greenhouse can be installed in any geographical area; the structure made in steel is very solid and durable in the years; the structure is
closed with double glazing to have a good thermal insulation; the Greehouse is equipped with technological systems that are able to create a microclimate inside, idependent of external climate conditions.


Technologic Plants Hydroponic Greenhouse


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